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The living atlases store a huge amount of information, above and beyond the occurrence records that are their main output. In galah, one way that users can investigate this information is by showing all the available options or categories for the type of information they are interested in. Functions prefixed with show_all_ do this, displaying all valid options for the information specified by the suffix.

[Stable] show_all() is a helper function that can display multiple types of information from show_all_ sub-functions.


show_all(..., limit = NULL)

show_all_apis(limit = NULL)

show_all_assertions(limit = NULL)

show_all_atlases(limit = NULL)

show_all_collections(limit = NULL)

show_all_datasets(limit = NULL)

show_all_fields(limit = NULL)

show_all_licences(limit = NULL)

show_all_lists(limit = NULL)

show_all_profiles(limit = NULL)

show_all_providers(limit = NULL)

show_all_ranks(limit = NULL)

show_all_reasons(limit = NULL)



String showing what type of information is to be requested. See Details (below) for accepted values.


Optional number of values to return. Defaults to NULL, i.e. all records


An object of class tbl_df and data.frame (aka a tibble) containing all data of interest.


There are five categories of information, each with their own specific sub-functions to look-up each type of information. The available types of information for show_all_ are:

ConfigurationatlasesShow what atlases are availableshow_all_atlases()
apisShow what APIs & functions are available for each atlasshow_all_apis()
reasonsShow what values are acceptable as 'download reasons' for a specified atlasshow_all_reasons()
Data providersprovidersShow which institutions have provided datashow_all_providers()
collectionsShow the specific collections within those institutionsshow_all_collections()
datasetsShows all the data groupings within those collectionsshow_all_datasets()
FiltersassertionsShow results of data quality checks run by each atlasshow_all_assertions()
fieldsShow fields that are stored in an atlasshow_all_fields()
licensesShow what copyright licenses are applied to mediashow_all_licenses()
profilesShow what data profiles are availableshow_all_profiles()
TaxonomylistsShow what species lists are availableshow_all_lists()
ranksShow valid taxonomic ranks (e.g. Kingdom, Class, Order, etc.)show_all_ranks()


See also

Use the search_all() function and search_() sub-functions to search for information. These functions are used to pass valid arguments to galah_select(), galah_filter(), and related functions.


if (FALSE) {
# See all supported atlases

# Show a list of all available data quality profiles

# Show a listing of all accepted reasons for downloading occurrence data

# Show a listing of all taxonomic ranks

# `show_all()` is synonymous with `request_metadata() |> collect()`
request_metadata(type = "fields") |>