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collapse() constructs a valid query so it can be inspected before being sent. It typically occurs at the end of a pipe, traditionally begun with galah_call(), that is used to define a query. As of version 2.0, objects of class data_request (created using request_data()), metadata_request (from request_metadata()) or files_request (from request_files()) are all supported by collapse(). Any of these objects can be created using galah_call() via the method argument.


# S3 method for data_request
collapse(x, ..., mint_doi, .expand = FALSE)

# S3 method for metadata_request
collapse(x, .expand = FALSE, ...)

# S3 method for files_request
collapse(x, thumbnail = FALSE, ...)



An object of class data_request, metadata_request or files_request


Arguments passed on to other methods


Logical: should a DOI be minted for this download? Only applies to type = "occurrences" when atlas chosen is "ALA".


Logical: should the query_set be returned? This object shows all the requisite data needed to process the supplied query. Defaults to FALSE; if TRUE will append the query_set to an extra slot in the query object.


Logical: should thumbnail-size images be returned? Defaults to FALSE, indicating full-size images are required.


An object of class query, which is a list-like object containing at least the slots type and url.