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A 'profile' is a group of filters that are pre-applied by the ALA. Using a data profile allows a query to be filtered quickly to the most relevant or quality-assured data that is fit-for-purpose. For example, the "ALA" profile is designed to exclude lower quality records, whereas other profiles apply filters specific to species distribution modelling (e.g. CDSM).



apply_profile(.data, ...)



a profile name. Should be a string - the name or abbreviation of a data quality profile to apply to the query. Valid values can be seen using show_all(profiles)


An object of class data_request


A tibble containing a valid data profile value.


Note that only one profile can be loaded at a time; if multiple profiles are given, the first valid profile is used.

For more bespoke editing of filters within a profile, use galah_filter()

See also

show_all() and search_all() to look up available data profiles. galah_filter() can be used for more bespoke editing of individual data profile filters.


if (FALSE) {
# Apply a data quality profile to a query
galah_call() |> 
  galah_identify("reptilia") |>
  galah_filter(year == 2021) |>
  galah_apply_profile(ALA) |>