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This function can be used to find relevant fields and/or layers for use in building a set of filters with galah_filter() or specifying required columns with galah_select(). This function returns a data.frame of all fields matching the type specified. Field names are in Darwin Core format, except in the case where the field is specific to the ALA database, in which case the ALA field name is returned.


  type = c("all", "fields", "layers", "assertions", "media", "other")

  type = c("all", "fields", "layers", "assertions", "media", "other")



string: A search string. Not case sensitive.


string: What type of parameters should be searched? Should be one or more of fields, layers, assertions, media or all.


if query is missing, an empty data.frame; otherwise an object of class tbl_df and data.frame (aka a tibble) containing fields that match the search query.

An object of class tbl_df and data.frame (aka a tibble) with three columns:

  • id: The identifier for that layer or field. This is the value that should be used when referring to a field in another function.

  • description: Detailed information on a given field

  • type: Whether the field is a field or layer

  • link: For layers, a link to the source data (if available)


Layers are the subset of fields that are spatially appended to each record by the ALA. Layer ids are comprised of a prefix: 'el' for environmental (gridded) layers and 'cl' for contextual (polygon) layers, followed by an id number.


Search for all fields that use include the word "date"

#> # A tibble: 33 x 4
#>   id             description     type   link 
#>   <chr>          <chr>           <chr>  <chr>
#> 1 dateIdentified Date Identified fields <NA> 
#> 2 datePrecision  Date precision  fields <NA> 
#> 3 eventDate      Event Date      fields <NA> 
#> 4 eventDateEnd   <NA>            fields <NA> 
#> # ... with 29 more rows

Search for all fields with the string "basisofrecord"

#> # A tibble: 2 x 4
#>   id                description               type   link 
#>   <chr>             <chr>                     <chr>  <chr>
#> 1 basisOfRecord     Record type               fields <NA> 
#> 2 raw_basisOfRecord Record type (unprocessed) fields <NA>

Search for all fields that have information for "marine"

search_fields("marine") |> 
  head() # only show first 5 results
#> # A tibble: 6 x 4
#>   id      description                                             type   link                                              
#>   <chr>   <chr>                                                   <chr>  <chr>                                             
#> 1 cl2105  "FAO Fishery Statistical Areas FAO Fishing areas (Mari~ layers "
#> 2 cl10948 "CAPAD 2018 Terrestrial The Collaborative Australian P~ layers "
#> 3 cl10957 "CAPAD 2018 Marine The Collaborative Australian Protec~ layers "
#> 4 el1056  "Endemism (Non-marine) Endemism (Non-marine) based on ~ layers ""                                                
#> 5 el957   "Averaged Topographic Relief  This data represents the~ layers ""  
#> 6 cl11033 "CAPAD 2020 Terrestrial The Collaborative Australian P~ layers "

Search for all Wordclim layers

search_fields("worldclim", type = "layers")
#> # A tibble: 38 x 4
#>   id      description                                                                     type   link                      
#>   <chr>   <chr>                                                                           <chr>  <chr>                     
#> 1 el10982 WorldClim 2.1: Temperature - warmest month max Max Temperature of Warmest Month layers
#> 2 el10981 WorldClim 2.1: Temperature - seasonality Temperature Seasonality                layers
#> 3 el10980 WorldClim 2.1: Temperature - isothermality Isothermality                        layers
#> 4 el10990 WorldClim 2.1: Precipitation - wettest month Precipitation of Wettest Month     layers
#> # ... with 34 more rows

See a listing of all valid fields and layers

#> # A tibble: 790 x 4
#>   id                  description        type   link 
#>   <chr>               <chr>              <chr>  <chr>
#> 1 acceptedNameUsage   Accepted name      fields <NA> 
#> 2 acceptedNameUsageID Accepted name      fields <NA> 
#> 3 accessRights        Access rights      fields <NA> 
#> 4 assertionUserId     Assertions by user fields <NA> 
#> # ... with 786 more rows

Use this function with search_fields() to find fields and layers you wish to use to filter your data queries


See also

This function is used to pass valid arguments to galah_select() and galah_filter(). To view valid values for a layer with categorical values, use search_field_values().